Slot Overview: Mysterious Reels Deluxe

With the release of Mystery Reels Deluxe, developer Red Tiger has introduced the fourth installment of their Mystery Reels series. Actually, if you’ve ever played one, you’ll know that the conundrum isn’t all that arcane, as mysterious symbols are a common feature of online slot machines. Mystery Reels Deluxe’s mystery symbols, however, serve a somewhat different purpose than in the original game and are paired with far more potential than the rest of the Mystery Reels series has ever seen. Feeling mystified yet? Perhaps not, but let’s try to puzzle it out.

The slot Mystery Reels Deluxe is most like is the first Mystery Reels game, which came out almost five years before this one. Although Mystery Reels Deluxe has similar functions, it looks different from the original. The actual box vibe from the original game has been replaced with a simpler, Art Deco-ish aesthetic. There is a Bonus Wheel hidden beneath the reels, and a dark wall with scribbled lines serves as the backdrop. Although the music is lively, Mystery Reels Deluxe doesn’t exactly set the world on fire.

In addition to the aesthetic shakeup, Mystery Reels Deluxe now offers a new set of numbers to play with. The first is the moderate volatility and the minor decrease in RTP to 95.66 percent. A smaller betting spread of 10 p/c to £/€4 per paid spin has been implemented to represent the significant potential boost.

Mystery Reels Deluxe is a slot machine game that can be enjoyed on any device, and it features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. When at least three identical symbols land on a payline from left to right inside the same column, the line win is triggered. While there are no wild symbols to speak of, the aforementioned Mystery symbols may be useful. Cherries, apples, oranges, grapes, horseshoes, stars, bells, and sevens make up the ordinary pay symbols until we reach the special ones. If you get five of these symbols in a row, you’ll win anything from two times to forty times your wager.

Slot Game Features in Mystery Reels Deluxe

It can’t be denied that Mystery Reels Deluxe’s hidden icons are cool. Each one reveals a number, and up to three can appear on a single spin. This is the total number of times the mysterious symbol duplicates itself over the board. Each hidden symbol eventually reveals its corresponding symbol when the cloning process is complete. This might be the Wheel Deluxe symbol or a pay symbol.

Prize Rotation

If you see at least three Wheel Deluxe symbols, you’ll unlock the Bonus Wheel. Spins on the Bonus Wheel are rewarded in proportion to the total number of Wheel Deluxe symbols in play (maximum of 15). The Bonus Wheel has twenty-four segments: two at 2x, three at 3x, five at 5x, six at 6x, eight at 8x, ten at 10x, and four at Special. These Extraordinary Parts Are:

All Multiplier Values Will Be Doubled When You Click This Button.

Two more spins on the Bonus Wheel are yours.

Each multiplier segment’s value is increased by +5.

Reveals either a multiplier section or one of the three other Special segments when pressed.

Once the number of available spins has been depleted, the Bonus Wheel will no longer spin and the accumulated stake multipliers and Special segments will be lost. If the last spin landed on a Special, you get an extra spin. At the conclusion of the round, the total multiplier value will be added to the stake.

Final Say on the Deluxe Slot Game Mystery Reels

There you have it, a summary that will be recognizable to everyone who has played the original Mystery Reels slot machine. It must have been popular, because there are now Power Reels and Megaways variations of the game. Both deviate from the norm by doing things like granting extra spins or replacing regular symbols with 2×2 Super Symbols. But with Mystery Reels Deluxe, everything is reset to its original state. It was like coming home to a mystery.

You may be wondering what the “Deluxe” portion of the name means, given that there are minor differences (such as additional paylines, different symbol values, and a different aesthetic). Only those with real chances of success belong there. The maximum win in the original game was roughly 5,000x, whereas in Mystery Reels Deluxe it is 23,084x. Obviously, this won’t occur in the standard game, so you’ll need to rely on the Bonus Wheel to make up the difference. To have any chance of winning the top prize after playing to completion, players will require an extraordinarily massive result from the Bonus Wheel. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but we think you’d need to have +2 Spins and Double All segments all the way up the yin yang to have a shot. A more reasonable target range would be 500-1,000x.

The 5,000x multiplier in the original Mystery Reels slot was likely more spectacular than it is today, and the significantly bigger multiplier in Mystery Reels Deluxe gives the series an added sheen of intrigue. It’s a significant bump, yet the remainder of the game has kept the same, so gamers who like the original but wanted more power will find Mystery Reels Deluxe to be an option.






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